If you are like me, then you enjoy picking up a book and being completely captivated by it. Some of these books elevate your level of thinking by connecting dots resulting in that aha! moment, while others transport you to a time and place with their beautifully crafted stories. Over the last few couples, I came across three books that really resonated with me -

The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis by Christiana Figueres, Tom Rivett-Carnac

We all know what Climate Change is. Everyone on some level or the other is aware of what greenhouse gases (GHG) are…

I have been a bit obsessed with stories and narratives lately, particularly my own. I usually have a whole spiel to introduce myself to someone new, a date or even a potential employer. I tweak it based on the audience but the general essence is the same.

It goes something like this —

I was born in Bangladesh, a developing country in Asia with Islam being the primary religion. This plays a big part in my story. My taste in food is particularly well-tuned to the Asian spices and the household staples. Bangladesh isn't particularly well known for anything. …

What do you do when those who are meant to protect you, turn on you? What do you do when you have taken corruption, brutality and exploitation against you as granted?

Empty promises and echoed stories of an Independence movement that happened some fifty years ago have hindered progress for a whole nation. There is only so much inequality one can withstand.

There is a lot wrong with the World today — gender inequality, climate change, over population, terrorism and bio-diversity. These are all pressing issues and yet we suffer from something more severe.

Human rights violation.

Recently 2 young…

Lights on.

What was life like before the advent of electricity?

At first, it seems hard to imagine. The vast majority of us have lived our whole lives with it. Most of our basic necessities have become easier to attain since electricity. We are exposed to a culinary experience that has been unmatched in the previous decades. Food is delivered to our houses and we not only get to pick what type of food we want but what cuisine too. We sleep in beds with specially designed mattresses and pillows to enhance our sleep. The air is conditioned to the…

I have been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now. Renewable Energy and sustainability is something I am really interested in, and this post and this blog allow me to collate my thoughts and expand my knowledge in the field. This first post is primarily focused on the basics which I have compiled from my own experience and multiple other sources, but with subsequent posts, I plan to touch on other pressing issues and viewpoints. …


Curious about life.

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